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Become a Fellow to be recognised as the ADR Specialist you are

Annual Fee: USD 168.00

Please note that prior to applying for Titled Membership, you must register as a General Member (USD 98.00). Any fees paid towards General Membership will be deducted from your Titled Membership Fees.

Our Promise to you

We’ll continue to support your journey as an ADR specialist professional. As a Fellows Member, we’ll stay by your side to support your progression towards becoming a Senior Fellows member!

Want to benefit from the highly regarded “FBiam” post-nominals?

It’s time for you to stand out from the crowd! Being a Fellow of the BIAMC clearly sets you apart as you’ll have demonstrated that you’re willing to take a huge step beyond the basic arbitration/ADR education.

Once you become a Fellow of the BIAMC, you can use your new post-nominals (FBiam) immediately for higher recognition in your field. Recognition that you have a superior level of knowledge and experience in ADR. Are you ready to become a Fellow or the BIAMC? Check your eligibility below.

Who’s eligible?

You must be a BIAMC General/Associate Member and have a minimum of 5 years of work experience in ADR before you can apply for Fellow Membership. In addition, you must also have completed either:

  • The BIAMC’s course “Introduction to ADR” (Module 1)


  • “Essentials of Arbitration” (Module 2a) OR “Essentials of Mediation” (Module 2b)


  • Equivalent qualifications from a BIAMC-recognised course (requires the submission of the course certificate)

What’s included in a Fellows Membership?

  • Use of the post-nominals “FBiam” to be recognised as a well-established dispute resolution professional immediately
  • Exclusive on-demand access to all BIAMC online courses
  • The opportunity to contribute to the BIAMC’s online and offline events as a speaker/lecturer and to the BIAMC Newsletter as an author
  • One free pass to the Jakarta Expert Summit in International Arbitration
  • Special Member Price to the Bali Arbitration Summit
  • Exclusive discounts on all BIAMC offline courses and selected BIAMC events plus partner events
  • Monthly BIAMC’s newsletter and regular updates about the latest trends in the alternative dispute resolution industry
  • Engage with other alternative dispute resolution practitioners from Indonesia, South East Asia, and around the world

Join hundreds of other Fellows getting the benefits of a BIAMC Fellows Membership

How it works

Becoming a Fellows Member is easy and affordable:
Step 1​ – Click “Get Started” below to start your application
Step 2​ – Fill in the application including submitting the required references and make your one-off annual payment
Step 3 -​ Enjoy all the benefits a BIAMC Fellows Membership brings you

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