Academic Advisory Board

Prof. Dr. IBR. Supancana

Chief of Advisory Board and Co-founder at Bali International Arbitration and Mediation Center (BIAMC)

Jl. Prabu Udayana No 100, Jimbaran, Bali, Indonesia

+62 815-1300-6964

Prof. Dr. I.B.R Supancana is a distinguished figure renowned for his expertise in arbitration and mediation within the realm of international law. With a PhD in International Law from Leiden University, the Netherlands (1998), a Master of International Law from the University of Indonesia (1990), and a Bachelor of Law (S.H) in International Law from Padjadajaran University (1983), his academic foundation is robust. 

As a Guest Lecturer at esteemed institutions such as Leiden University and Kobe University, Prof. Supancana has imparted his knowledge not only in Indonesia but also abroad. His primary areas of specialization include Aviation and Space Law, Foreign Direct Investment Law, Arbitration and ADR, Cyber Law, Mining, International Commercial Contracts, and Regulatory Reform. 

Prof. Supancana’s influence extends beyond academia; he has served as an advisor and consultant to numerous international organizations, donor countries, and Indonesian Governmental Agencies. He frequently represents the government in high-stakes bilateral and multilateral negotiations, showcasing his diplomatic prowess. With over three decades of experience, Prof. Supancana has provided legal counsel to domestic and overseas companies and has appeared as an expert witness in notable jurisdictions such as the USA and Singapore. He is also a certified mediator and arbitrator, contributing significantly to the field of International Dispute Settlement. 

In addition to his academic and consultancy roles, Prof. Supancana is an esteemed editor at prestigious international and national law journals. He has authored over 40 books and research articles, demonstrating his profound impact on legal scholarship. Currently, Prof. Supancana spearheads various governmental initiatives, including drafting academic papers on private international law and revisions to Indonesian Company Law. He continues to mentor, advise, and train legal practitioners worldwide, emphasizing his commitment to advocate capacity building and advancing legal expertise globally. 

Prof. I.B.R. Supancana’s remarkable contributions and unwavering dedication to the legal field make him a pioneering force in arbitration, ADR, and international law, earning him respect and admiration both nationally and internationally.

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