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Discover what our members and alumni say about us...

Thank you for your trust in me. I must say that the BIAMC team deeply impressed me. It is extremely professional and caring.

Prof. Steve Ngo
President, Beihai Asia International Arbitration Centre Arbitrator, Academic & Arbitration specialist, Singapore
It was my pleasure to contribute to the course. Thank you very much for your kind hospitality in Jakarta. I am inspired by the educational offerings and ambitions of the BIAMC and look forward to continued collaborations in the future.
James Claxton
Kobe University, Japan
It was an absolute pleasure to give a presentation at BIAMC`s ADR and Arbitration in the Construction Industry Seminar on 14 March 2019. Many thanks to BIAMC for the opportunity. I really enjoyed meeting the BIAMC team and the audience, who came from diverse backgrounds and asked a number of interesting questions. The venue was superb and the organisation was exceptional. Thanks again.
Ben Burry
Holman Fenwick Willan LLP., London
Thank you for inviting me to act as an examiner last week. I enjoyed getting to know the team and the students. I mentioned to Janise that you have put together an amazing, professional, an dedicated team.

Olga Boltenko
Fangda Partners, Hong Kong
It was a pleasure to be part of BIAMC`s ADR and Arbitration in the Construction Industry Seminar on 14 March 2019. The seminar was very lively with a lot of questions and interactive discussion among the participants. The BIAMC`s team was very professional in handling the event from the inception until the day of the event. I am looking forward to participating in other BIAMC events in the future.
Andi Y. Kadir
Hadiputranto, Hadinoto & Partners, Jakarta
The course content was excellent, as was the knowledge and experience of the tutor, who managed to pack a lot of information into a very short time frame but in a way that was both enjoyable and educational. It has certainly given me the desire to move forward and take the further course.

Ulya Yasmine Prisandani
President University, Jakarta
Thank you for giving such an inspiring and useful workshop, from which I picked up many tips and skills. I received great hospitality, and I personally enjoyed the discussion. You made everything simple and easy. Appreciate your patience to oversee each individual’s need.

Dyah Paramita
Dewi Negara Fachri & Partners, Jakarta
I thank you for inviting me to examine on the BIAMC Fellowship course. Its success is a credit to you and your team for the time, effort and hard work that must have gone into its preparation and execution. In this respect, the team behind BIAMC is already doing a fantastic job and I am simply happy to contribute towards BIAMC’s future success, to the extent that I can.
Anthony Cheah Nicholls
Shearman & Sterling LLP., Singapore
Fellowship Training at BIAMC was conducted by highly experienced mentors/trainers with exceptionally systematic explanation. The facilities provided were also highly convenient for the conduct of the training. BIAMC staff was also very helpful in providing necessary information. Bravo BIAMC!
Jeremiah Raharja
Situmorang, Raharja & Associates, Jakarta
Good basics, although perhaps too basics, but nice for the other participants who are new to ISDS. It’s a good start for the betterment of Indonesian arbitration landscape.

Fajar Sugianto
University of 17 Agustus 1945, Surabaya
It is very interested, knowing, the complexity of construction agreement could be shrinked into points. Easy to understand.

Syahril Marbun
Marbun & Parapat, Jakarta
The course provided an excellent introduction of ISDS. The seminar handouts will be excellent reference materials. I would like to attend your other courses.
Griffin Armando Setiady
University of Atmajaya, Jakarta
The BIAMC's Online Training Platform with its diverse offerings, has something for everyone and is truly one of a kind. I personally benefited a great deal from the Job Interview training videos. These while emphasizing on the practical challenges that young professionals face while seeking opportunities, also shares meaningful solutions to them. I am happy to be a student member with the BIAMC and look forward to my future association with the Institute
Tinaz Kalyanvala
Queen Mary University of London
As a BIAMC Student member, I was thrilled when they first released the Drafting CVs in the Legal Industry online course! Not only did I get to learn practical tips from an expert in the legal field, but I was also able to get tips that most newbies aren’t able to on how to make the perfect CV! As if that weren’t enough, there’s a certificate at the end of the course which is a nice addition to my newly minted curriculum vitae. Highly recommended indeed!

Justin Alexander Halim
University of Indonesia, Jakarta
It was definitely one of the most worthwhile ADR courses I have taken so far. Thank you!

Rangga Adhitya
Professional, Jakarta
The professional development courses are extremely helpful and certainly a relaxed and unintimidating way of developing one’s soft skills. The content is fresh, practical and comprises a wide range of tips and guidance in an engaging and effective manner. The BIAMC team are extremely friendly and approachable and I am glad to be a member and avail of the wide array of courses offered!
Tanya Kalyanvala
Queen Mary University of London
The fellowship programme is the compulsory programme for a new Arbitrator. In the class, we learnt in depth about what is arbitration agreement and arbitration clause, what elements should be fulfilled by arbitration clause. We also learn more about pleading, hearing process, examining the testimony of witnesses and also how to draw the awards, as well as what kind of element should be kept in awards. The benefit of joining this course is to prepare us to be an arbitrator and assist us to be a counsel so that we know more details and have a deeper insight about what the appropriate arbitration clause should describes.
Daruma Daishi
Richer & Daisy, Jakarta
As a professional in the Construction Industry, I would like to say thank you for BIAMC to held this seminar. This seminar contains a brief comprehensive contents which explained to the attendees, the top issues on disputes arises in the Construction Industry, and summarized conclusions that is practicable. And of course, a very well-experienced speakers which helped me to develop my knowledge.

Cakra Dharma
PT. Taisei Corporation, Jakarta

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