My #1 Career Advice For Young & Aspiring Lawyers – a BIAMC VLOG

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What is the My #1 Career Advice VLOG?

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Have you ever wondered what it really takes to be successful when you are starting out as a lawyer?
Are you sick and tired of the conventional wisdom you get when you are asking lawyers for advice?
Things are about to change now!
My #1 Career Advice for Young and Aspiring Lawyers is a video blog (VLOG) by the Bali International Arbitration and Mediation Center, where you can learn from people who one way or another are all very successful in what they do. They share their #1 career advice, which will usually have played a very important role in their professional lives. 

Come back every Friday to learn how to advance your career

Every Friday, we will post a new video and hope that you will take the advice given during the video very seriously and take action immediately over the weekend. Do not waste a minute and put the easy to implement advice into action immediately!
Happy learning!

Harald Sippel
BIAMC Academic Director

P.S. Tell us who you want to learn from!

Is there anyone you would really like to hear from? Have you ever wondered what advice a famous lawyer (or generally jurist) would share? Do let us know and we will reach out to that person. Send us an e-mail to

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