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Lesson 17: Send another e-mail if you haven’t heard back

What this Lesson is about In this Lesson, we will explain when you should follow up (again) after a job interview so that you can find out where you stand – and to show your prospective employer that you really want this job! Watch your Lesson here:

Lesson 15: Close strong

What this Lesson is about You will never make a sale unless you close the sale. In a job interview, you should “close the sale” to increase your chances of getting hired and leave a very positive last impression.  In this Lesson, we explain what steps you can take to “close the deal”, leave that …

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Lesson 12: Know your USP

What this Lesson is about If you know your USP, your unique selling point, your bargaining power grows substantially. You can also use your USP to your advantage by explaining why you are better suited than other candidates – although you should probably not put it that directly. In this Lesson, we discuss how you …

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